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We offer services for the aluminium industry and other industrial sectors. Whether it is extending equipment operating life, optimizing the potlining process or getting technical support, the offered solutions are affordable and adapt to your needs.

Technical Consultation

The consultation service is adaptable to your needs. Whether it is for a technical support or to help you increase equipment productivity



Proactive audit service designed to help you take advantage of your existing installation, work methods or equipment



Equipment Rental

Equibras offers a rental service of its tools and equipment. For more information, contact us 


Equibras can conduct technical assessments to help you enhance equipment performance or to optimize the potlining process



The ecodesign approach is included with all design services of Equibras. It allows to optimize the materials, the cutting and the welding during the fabrication process

Fabrication and Design

Fabrication and/or design service for various equipment and tools (lifting, handling, potlining, pot ramming, maintenance, etc.) and reconfiguration of an existing facility



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