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Potlining Equipment

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Equibras is an equipment supplier, specialized in the optimization, design and fabrication of equipment for the aluminium industry. Pioneer in the conception and fabrication of products for the potlining of electrolysis cells, the company owns the largest equipment catalog dedicated to this type of operation.


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World Leader in Potlining Equipment

In the last 20 years, Equibras has developed more than 5000 potlining equipment (including ramming equipment). Which makes it the largest product catalog for these operation

Aluminium Products

Internationally Recognized Expertise

Renowned for its technical and practical expertise, Equibras had the opportunity to work on several major projects and to distribute its products in more than 30 smelters worldwide



A know-how adapted to various sectors

Thanks to its experience in development and production of cutting-edge equipment, Equibras has succeeded in adapting its technical and practical skills to different industrial sectors

Industrial products



Equibras attaches great importance to its values. It is what guide its activities and stimulates its love for challenges 



Equibras is always ready to produce results with a collaborative approach. This value provides agility to cater to particular needs and critical requirements


Creativity allows to develop solutions that are innovative, adapted and with uncompromised quality


Integrity is central to Equibras’ vision and allows it to remain true to its values and to the ones shared with collaborators and clients


Since its beginnings, Equibras has adopted a sustainable approach. The offered products and services are optimised to the parameters already in place and to the related processes


Equipment Supplier Since 20 Years


Equibras was founded in the summer 2000. From the outset, the company had a vision for its future: becoming an unmatched equipment supplier for the aluminum industry. Twenty years later,  the entreprise has become the world leader in potlining equipment. Which are used for the maintenance (potlining process) of the electrolysis cells within the aluminum plants. Now celebrating its 20th anniversary, Equibras is proud to have brought to reality its vision.