World Leader in
Potlining Equipment

Equibras has been the world leader in potlining equipment for 20 years.

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Equipment Supplier for the Aluminium Industry for 20 Years

With over 5000 tools & equipment sold in nearly 30 aluminium smelters accross the globe, Equibras is considered the world leader in products for the maintenance and replacement of electrolysis cells.


Services for Aluminium Plants

By combining its technical expertise with a collaborative approach, Equibras is able to offer solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of the aluminium industry. The offered services can include equipment rental, equipment optimization and more.

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Last News

January 21st, 2021

Discover the ecodesign, a sustainable design service from Equibras

In a recent blog post, we presented our ecodesign service and how it allows to optimize the footprint of our equipment.

Equipment Information

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