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Discover a Special Edition of the Potlining Machine E60

February 1st 2021


Equibras offers in a limited quantity, a special edition of the potlining machine E60 that includes a 4.0 software the Equismart.

Created by Equibras, the Equismart is the first 4.0 data acquisition system designed for the potlining process and potlining equipment. The system can include:

  • Quality Module Option : this module helps to optimize the potlining process. It allows collecting and interpreting data operation (including the compaction rate in real time)
  • Maintenance Module Option : this option helps to optimize the maintenance cycle of the potlining equipment. It allows to collect data on the equipment’s components (such as the running time of the motor(s) for example)
  • Analysis Module Option : this option helps to optimize the acquisition and interpretation process of the data itself. It allows the « big data » analysis of the collected data.

Besides the Equismart software, the special edition gives access to a potential discount upon the purchase of the equipment.

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