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Discover 3 Lifting Equipment for Materials

October 21st 2021


Equibras offers a vast range of lifting equipment. Here are three models that can lift different types of materials:

Lifting Gantry: Equipped with a lifting module, this gantry is compatible with several lifting devices (such as the equipment mentioned above). It can lift and carry a vast range of material and can be used in many types of operation.

  • Cathode Lifting Beam E42: The lifting beam can be installed on any lifting appliances such as overhead cranes or potlining machine E60. It lifts and handles cathode blocks steadily during the potlining operation performed on electrolysis cells.
  • Self-Balancing Fork E24 : Like the lifting beam, the lifting fork can be installed on any lifting appliances such as the potlining machine E60. The equipment can be used for various types of operation that require lifting of materials, pallets and more.

Consult the product sections aluminum and industrial for more information and to discover additional lifting equipment.